Swazi Cycle VIII


Are You Up for a Challenge?


Swazi Cycle 8 has something for everyone: Responding to the suggestions of previous cyclists, this year's ride combines mountain biking; road riding on dirt roads through the rural countryside and a bit of riding on less-traveled tar roads.

You have to be in good physical shape and know how to ride (start training now!), but have no fear: Not only is Swaziland known as one of the most peaceable and safe countries in Africa, you'll be accompanied by expert local riders who know the territory. And if any of the hills should prove a little too challenging, a following van will pick you up and give you a break.

To make sure you're prepared and all your questions are answered, you'll be invited to join in regular conference calls with our ride leader in the weeks leading up to the event. If you have immediate questions, email stevekallaugher@youngheroes.org.sz.


Want to join us but don't want to ride? Check out the "Non-Riders" page!

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