Swazi Cycle VIII

 Help Us to Help Orphan Families

While the riders are facing their own challenges, there's a a special challenge in store for you, too: While they're having their adventure, you'll be having the adventure of meeting a world you've never seen.

Working in teams with our local staff and volunteers, we'll travel to rural communities to visit the homesteads of Young Heroes families, attend village meetings, and lend a hand to our projects. There, you'll help us assess how we're doing. You'll not only see for yourself why Young Heroes' work is so important, you'll help us prove it to others so we can help more children in need.

As you do, you'll meet the people of Swaziland and experience first-hand what rural African life is like. You'll learn why Young Heroes' work is so necessary -- and, just as important, you'll help us learn how we can better help the children we serve.

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